Photo Editing
Student Accounts for Digital Work Go to

Grade 8 user name: grade8dragons password: 8dragons

Grade 7 user name: grade7dragons password: 7dragons

OR Simple Editor

username ASAGrade8 password 8dragons

username ASAGrade7 password 7dragons

Online Photo Editors

This was done by a student.. The car was edited from another photo, pasted to the original photo with a stop sign painted added.

What types of fakery was done here?

Not all pictures are worth 1,000 words! Project Overview


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Techniques of Photo Fakery

There are six basic techniques of faking a photo:
1: Inserting details. This includes placing an element from one photo into another to create a composite image, reproducing a detail of the photo by cloning it, superimposing an image onto another, ordrawing-in details.
2: Deleting details. This is usually done by extending background elements over the unwanted detail. Or one can crop out the unwanted detail.
3: Manipulating elements within the photo. For instance, adjusting the color, resizing details, or rotating or moving details.
4: falsifying the caption.
5: Staging the scene. This is considered fakery particularly in photojournalism. Varieties of staging a scene include using models and cutouts and inserting a prop into the scene.
6: Taking a photo at a trick angle. The most common example of this is the use of forced perspective.

The assignment:

  1. Go to
  2. Select a photo, examine it carefully.
  3. What type(s) of “fakery” was used on this photo? From the 6 types of fakery.
  4. Why do you think this was done?


Go to Select your homeroom, click on discussion tab.

Post your name, and your responses to the following: (25)
  1. Title of photo, and enter a hyperlink for 10 bonus points.. (10)
  2. When and where was this photo taken? (10)
  3. What type of “fakery” was used? List one of the six types and explain WHY. (10)
  4. What was the benefit for creating this fakery? Why? (15)
  5. Was this a successful fake? Why? (15)
  6. Would this fake be easier to make using digital photography today? Why/why not? (15)


Post an entry = 25 points, #1 -10, #2 -10, #3 -10,#4 -15, #5 -15, #6 -15=100 plus 10 points for hyperlink.
Total possible points = 110